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Assisted Living: Decorating a Spare Room

CasaSugar Community member CCath asked the Assisted Living group for advice on decorating a spare room in her home:

I don't know what to do here. It's not exactly a room but it's like a large hallway. There was a sofa there, but I don't like the color of it so if I put it there again I'll change probably the fabric. I'd love to hang vintage Coke posters but I don't know what else to do, sofa? no sofa? any ideas? The last pic was meant to be a bookshelf but right now we can't spend money on it so any ideas for it would be great! I hope you can help me!

Continue reading to see my suggestions.

Hi CCath,

What a gorgeous stair rail! If that space were mine, I would definitely turn it into a cozy sitting lounge for reading, socializing, and maybe drinking an evening glass of wine. Since the space is small, I would go with a petite settee, some low-lying tea tray tables, and some poufs and garden seats which can double as seating. Dangle a low chandelier on the right side of the sofa. In the bookcase area, I'd set a classic wooden, preferably antique dresser. Create a vignette of vases filled with branches on top and maybe a ginger jar. Otherwise, if there's any sort of feature you feel your home is lacking, such as an office or dining area, maybe this is the place for it. Here are some picks for you.


Do you have any suggestions? Offer them below! Have a decorating dilemma of your own? Be sure to post photos and tales in the Assisted Living group!

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skittlez20151 skittlez20151 7 years
How about remove the wood panel from around that empty area (bottom right pic) and put a nice tall water fountain or make a wine shelf with a mirror.
BrokenDirigible BrokenDirigible 7 years
Put up your vintage coke posters, and find a red slipcover for your couch. Find a small inexpensive coffee table and for the space that was supposed to be a bookcase, why not try a fish tank? find a medium/large one that fits the space well(craigslist or Ebay usually has some great finds) and get some inexpensive fish that are easy to take care of (try fancy goldfish)
ccath ccath 7 years
What about colors for a reading nook? I can't paint the walls but about accessories what do you think is best?
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 7 years
i love the suggested sofa and chandelier - this space is amazing and it definitely does offer another room of a kind so don't waste the space! a sitting area in this space would be amazing! and in time so will the alcove be. maybe instead of vintage coke posters go for some vintage tattinger ones and just have it oozing class? a while ago casa posted about gossip benches and ever since it's brought it back up in my mind that it's my number one desire for my home when i get it - this space could be amazing if you included one? and an old fashioned classic rotary phone.
ccath ccath 7 years
I love the ideas thank you! A low table made me think immediately of this: or I think I might give it a try. Just need to find good colours for everything. Any other suggestions are welcome too!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I agree with these suggestions. Just make it cozy, and you can make it feel like it's own room with a lamp or chandelier and an area rug. And if you don't have an office, you can always store your laptop there and have it be the "office".
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
i'd do a couple of cushy chairs, a little round table, a floor lamp, and definitely finish the bookshelf! that would be a great reading area.
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