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Assisted Living: Help Me Pick a Color!

CasaSugar Community member mrb929 of the Assisted Living group is looking for some paint advice:

Help a sister out! When it comes to paint colors, I am pretty clueless. I had to repaint my two childrens' rooms after I paid someone to do it. I'm having to do the same thing with my own bedroom. Thankfully, I never painted the living room because I am pretty confident I would have messed it up, too. Now that I've got my furniture in place — a tan ultrasuede couch, three dark brown chairs, a white ottoman, accented with light blue curtains and lamps — I'm ready to paint. The problem is I don't know what color to choose. Since I have zero faith in my pantone selection, I'm hoping you guys can offer me some good advice.

To see what I'd suggest and to give your own two cents,


I love the earth tones in this room so I'd try to keep it simple with a light linen color. Be careful when picking your hues as beige colors can sometimes look pinkish or more purple than tan. Another option would be testing a light gray to gently draw out the blues in the room.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for paint colors? Please comment below! And be sure to join the Assisted Living group!

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mslewis mslewis 7 years
I say paint the walls blue, two shades darker than the curtains. I can't believe people are suggesting beige/brown/linen when her furniture is already bland brown/beige. She needs some real color, not the same drab colors she already has. After painting she needs to get some pillows and other accessories with different shades of blue in them, along with some yellow and possibly red. That place needs some brightness.
EricaJane EricaJane 7 years
i say gray. it's calming and current. my new favorite shade (i'm thinking of doing the whole house with it i love it so much) is Behr premium in Mineral (i don't recommend their premium line, but they will color match for their regular line). It's so neutral, but with crisp white trim, it's an interesting color that is cool and really pretty. Also Behr makes a great sample size of their paints for you to test a large swatch and plenty to do several coats.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
i'm bad at this tooo....but i was guessing casa would say light grey and she did =D
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I like the light brown idea. Personally I'd stay away from beige but that could just be because I've been living in a house for almost 4 years with a very blah beige that has no character whatsoever. My first thought would be to bring another earth tone, like a light to medium shade of green that would complement the brown chairs and blue curtains. Then find or make prints/accents/pillows etc. that combine all 3 colors. Another idea is to pull a color out of the rug on the floor. It's hard to see the colors in the pic but if there is an orange color in it, that would work as well. Just get one that complements the blue really well since they'll be right next to the orange. Have fun!!!
Frenched Frenched 7 years
Let me just commend you for asking for help when it comes to picking colors. I didn't do enough research and just picked paint colors for my new place on a whim. It looks OK (adding bright decorations has helped lit up the place) but I could've definitely benefited from help. As for what colors would look good, I would say, if you want to play it safe, go with neutrals. And also remember that the great thing about paint is that it can be painted over again. It is not a permanent thing! :)
manxy manxy 7 years
It all depends an what you want the color to do. There are some great suggestions. A grayish blue would lighten/cool the room. Picking a darker color from your rug would give you some depth. Will you be painting the various trims a different color? That could add another layer, but it could also be very busy. For the ceiling I would take the same color you paint your walls, but a few shades lighter.
dezignerwannabe dezignerwannabe 7 years
I've got two suggestions for paint colour. 1. a light gray tone for a cool and calming look 2. a light brown tone for a warm and cozy look
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