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CasaSugar Community member The Grizz posed this question to the Assisted Living group:

We recently bought a foreclosure for a great deal but of course, it needs tons of work. You can see where the garage was converted to a den. That door will be replaced and the exterior will be painted probably a cream with black and white accents. The problem is that after we get rid of the door shutters, we will be left with a boring wall with just a door. What are some options to cover this wall? I am not sure if there are any. But I thought perhaps some sort of vines or greenery. Also, any other suggestions or ideas you might have are welcome and much appreciated. By the way, the house is brick and it was painted.  The garage/den in question and the side wall are the only walls with siding. We will also be doing lots of landscaping!

Want to hear my thoughts for The Grizz and offer your own?

Hi there —

Ahh, the perks and the problems of buying a foreclosure! You are not alone!

Here are a few ideas.

  • If I were you, I'd tear up that bit of concrete right near the front door and plant grass there. Then, put a little sidewalk there leading up from the larger driveway space. That way, your den won't look like it's a converted garage.
  • Once you take off those shutters, I'd recommend installing a thicker frame around the door. Since it faces the street, it looks like a front door, but in its current state, it's too narrow to be much of a focal point.
  • As for covering up the wall, I'd definitely recommend planting some taller hedges flanking the door. Boxwoods might be nice. Head down to your local nursery and ask for recommendations on what sort of bushes will grow well in that space and in your climate.
  • Since you probably can't plant anything there until you pull up that concrete, for the time being, a really sophisticated option would be to flank the door with a pair of tall potted ball-shaped topiary trees — real ones not artificial! And around the base of your topiaries, maybe you can place some smaller potted plants that you like to fill in the space.

Anyone else have suggestions for covering that exterior wall? Do you have landscaping or decorating dilemmas of your own? Be sure to post photos and tales in the Assisted Living group!

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