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Anyone who’s ever spent a night in a five-star hotel or received V.I.P. treatment at an event knows that true indulgence is all in the details—fresh flowers, incredible views, oh-so-comfy seating. And while it seems impossible to replicate that same pampering atmosphere at home, you can surround yourself with easy, affordable luxury just by focusing on the “little things”—simple ways to treat the senses.

For starters, try Renuzit® brand’s new Tempting Indulgences™ air fresheners, a guilt-free way to surround yourself with warm, inviting, and scrumptious-smelling scents like Chocolate Covered Cherries, Crème Brulee, and Red Velvet Cake.

Then, consider other easy ideas for bringing opulence home. Give an old dresser a fancy makeover with dressy new drawer pulls. Add candles to a cake stand for an elegant centerpiece. Create a playlist of classic or light jazz music to enjoy while dining.

Feeling crafty? Get started on an a DIY project of your own! Decorate doors throughout your house or apartment with this stylish (and simple!) DIY Wallpaper Project! Read all about it below, or check out this complete guide and share with friends.

DIY Wallpaper Project:

  1. Choose wallpaper, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper in a bold, colorful design or pattern.
  2. Measure and cut paper to fit the inset panels of a door or doors in a noteworthy area of your home. (Hint: This works on cabinet doors, too!)
  3. Glue paper to door insets using wallpaper paste, brush, and sponge or spray adhesive. Be sure to smooth out air bubbles as you go.

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