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Backyard Renovation Time-Lapse

This Backyard Makeover Will Inspire You in so Many Ways

Backyard Renovation Time-Lapse

We're all familiar with the power of Pinterest when it comes to DIYs, and this father's story behind his backyard inspiration is no exception. Forty-year-old Dare Stevens, husband and father to two young girls, learned he had skin cancer in 2014 on top of already experiencing financial struggles. It was a difficult year for him to say the least. But rather than staying in a negative state, Dare had a moment of clarity, "No matter how bad I felt about my life right now, I was living a life that someone else, somewhere in the world right now wished they had," he wrote on his blog. "While I stood there b*tching about my miniscule problems, I was living someone else's dream. How self-centered and shallow."

Upon discovering Pinterest — thanks to watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show — Dare dedicated his energy to doing something his family would never forget. Throughout his 10-year marriage, his wife had constantly mentioned wanting to go to New York and an outdoor area to exercise and watch the girls play, while his daughters had always wanted a playhouse. And he did just that.

He sent his wife off to NYC for five days, and he and his girls went to work. Finishing the deck, pergola, playhouse, and garden was a bit ambitious during such a short span, even after sending his wife off to Sacramento, CA, for an additional few days. But eventually, it got done, and the results were incredible.

"The kids love their new space. My wife loves our backyard. And I feel strangely satisfied. It felt good to build this. It sort of gave me a renewed verve for keeping going. Pursuing my dreams and taking the struggle that comes with that in stride."

See the awesome before-and-after pictures ahead and the time-lapse video of the entire renovation.

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