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Bathroom Essentials

Revamp Your Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

If sprucing up your neglected bathroom is on your list, we're here to help! Whether it's the master bath, a shared bathroom down the hall, or a powder room, there are easy ways to transform your space without committing to a major renovation. From beautiful lighting to smart storage, we have 10 key elements that have the ability to take your bathroom to an entirely new level. Read on to find out how to up your bathroom game!

  1. Ample lighting: While lighting is key to any space, it is especially important to bathrooms. Proper lighting not only makes a space seem larger, it's practical too. This isn't to say that you can't have a dark, moody bathroom either. If it's a powder room, dramatic lighting can work, but if it's your main bathroom or a guest bath, ample lighting is more than important.
  2. The perfect mirror: What's a bathroom without a mirror? Not just for vanity purposes, a mirror can be a statement piece or art. Swapping out mirrors is also a great way to make your bathroom feel custom, especially if you're a renter.
  3. Bath linens: Linens are an instant upgrade that will tie the space together. Be sure to have more than one set, and use linens to add color and pattern. Similar to pillows, you can swap out your guests towels, so don't be afraid to be bold — they aren't permanent!
  4. Storage: There is nothing worse than a cluttered countertop. If you're remodeling, keep storage in mind. For a more affordable update, style your bath with storage. Consider baskets, decorative shelving, and pieces that double as decor.
  5. An element of art: Bathroom art is often debatable . . . after all, it is the bathroom. We say go for it. Just like any other room, art completes a space. But it doesn't have to be a painting — try a unique wallpaper; moulding; or small, decorative objects.
  6. Texture: Use bath mats, window treatments, and a shower curtain to soften your bathroom and add texture. But please, do not add a fabric cover to your toilet seat!
  7. Color: Bathroom color is a personal preference. While some like crisp, white bathrooms, others aren't afraid of color. It all depends on personal taste, but stick with a consistent palette, and avoid colored appliances. In other words, white toilets are often best.
  8. Accessories: Bathroom accessories are decorative and functional. Yes, a trash can is considered an accessory and can be rather chic! Adding a pretty soap dish, tray, and tissue holder will also add style. Similar to an outfit, keep your bathroom's accessories consistent using similar colors and finishes. Consider these picks under $100.
  9. Hardware: Another great way to give your bathroom a custom feel (without moving walls) is swapping out the hardware. This includes everything from the towel rack to the faucet. For an affordable DIY, try spray painting your knobs.
  10. Small touches: Allow the small things to fully bring your room together. Adding fresh flowers, a candle, and a nice bar of soap creates spa-like vibe, especially when you've got guests.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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