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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

This Bathroom Renovation Tip Will Save You Time and Money

Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Image Source: Julia Sperling

I'm a home editor with an embarrassing secret. Since moving into our place, I've neglected our master bathroom so entirely that even the dated design features make sloppy details we're actually responsible for (ahem: crooked Ikea shelving, patches of spackle on the wall, and broken towel hooks) seem bougie in comparison. My husband and I designated it as the "I give up room" — a place kept off limits to guests that serves only the most basic functional needs, sort of like the "I give up sweats." You know they're unflattering but you still won't get rid of them.

We knew something had to be done, but the reality was that if we were too "busy" to replace a broken wall hook, then making all of the design decisions for a bathroom renovation, and hiring a contractor to execute everything was going to be a stretch. When I was approached by Decorist, an online interior design service that recently launched a renovation partnership with Lowe's, I knew this was our chance.

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