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Beach House Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Su Casa: A Master Bedroom Makeover

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member YBandD from the Su Casa group:

Last time there were adventures in Zero VOC paint, and this time it's adventures in spray paint; I know, classy huh!

The new bedroom at the beach rental is finally coming along. I officially still hate moving, however, I am loving my sweet new office slash sunroom slash all-around chill-out space with “peekaboo” views of the ocean (peekaboo meaning there are a few houses pretty much blocking my entire view of the ocean except for that small sliver of blue). But, I really can’t complain, now can I?

Once I got all my furniture in, I quickly assessed the new space. The main difference is this room has a lot more windows to deal with than my previous room, plus sliding glass doors separating the bedroom from the office. The window above the bed is also not centered on anything in the room, making it difficult to achieve any semblance of balance.

The new gray coat of paint looks oh so cozy with the furniture in. I decided to drape the glass doors at the opening between the office and the bedroom. The drapery softens the opening and is also functional, so that I can keep all the blinds raised in the sunroom on a permanent basis. I also draped the off-center window at the bed head wall with one panel to play up on the asymmetry. After a quick trip to Target, I found these modern, almost Chinese lattice-framed mirrors. The mirrors would reflect light, which actually could start to balance with the light coming in from the window. However, they were a faux sponge painted bronze color, which is not exactly what I had in mind. Insert adventures in spray paint, Take One, here.


Continue reading to hear more about how Kelly updated her bedroom!

I bought three frames with the intention of hanging them horizontally one on top of the other or in some sort of collaged format with two horizontal and one vertical. The weather lately in LA has been wet and cold, and I unfortunately did not let the first coat of paint dry enough on one of the frames before applying the second coat of paint. I woke up the next morning to bubbling and flaking paint. Ooi! Man down!

I had no time to sand the frame down and repaint (side note: if this happens, you can take sand paper and remove the flaking paint to get back to a smooth surface and reapply a second coat). Adventures in spray paint, Take Two. Literally. I took the two frames that had actually dried properly and hung them both vertically. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

As for the colors, the drapery and bed linens are white, clean, casual, beachy, and relaxing cottons. I am in love with Summer in LA filled with weekends that feel more like vacations, beach volleyball, and, of course, Sunday fun days. Either way, yellow became my accent color – in the throw pillow on the bed, the Parsons desk in the office, and even some of the picture frames and baskets on the shelves.

All in all, it is actually starting to feel as though I am settled once again. Everyone always seems to ask about my exotic wood trunk nightstand. I usually go on about how I carried it through Indonesia and convinced the airline to allow me to check it on the plane – that sucker is heavy.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s a Target special! Not kidding. For a brief minisecond, Target had a line of real solid wood furniture. The line was a bit more expensive when compared to its typical furniture prices, which is why it probably did not last. Take Three, on to the next adventure.

For this and more inspiration go to Young, Broke, and Decorating. Thanks, Kelly

Have you been doing any decorating lately? Be sure to share your photos and details in the Su Casa group!

YBandD YBandD 6 years
Thanks gals!
designingmainstreet designingmainstreet 6 years
It looks beautiful! i just want to curl up and take a nap.. aah..
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 6 years
gorgeous room! I love the mix of modern and vintage-looking textiles. The colors are perfect together. Great job balancing the room - your trick with the mirrors totally works.
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