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Before and After: A Color-Coordinated Bookcase

Perhaps inspired by my own color-coordinated bookshelves, TeamSugar member Citygal decided to give her Ikea EXPEDIT bookcase a major overhaul of color!In under half an hour, her personal library was transformed from sloppy to sophisticated. She chose to go the rainbow route, beginning with red-toned books at the top, then to greens, blues, pinks, and finally whites and blacks at the bottom. Considering that her personal interests on her profile read "television, writing, books," it's no wonder that she's got a great collection — so why not show it off? In the past some of you have expressed that this method of organization is not for you. If that's the case, be sure to read my How-To on organizing your books. To see Citygal's reading rainbow,


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girlie871 girlie871 8 years
This looks great! I might try it. I hope the different book sizes won't be an eye sore.
lady_jade lady_jade 8 years
my sister has had her books like this for a couple of years-it's not that big a deal to find anything, because they were never organized by anything other than size before anyway.
HelloAnia HelloAnia 8 years
Aww, I wish I could do this, my books are organized by size.
mecita mecita 8 years
Excellent!! Excellent! Not sure this would work for me because I have a large reference library and need to access items quickly but I sure do love this.
daisymay81 daisymay81 8 years
I love it but couldn't do it. I have to have my books organized by author.
flyingroo flyingroo 8 years
Let's be serious, this idea is for the people who buy books by the yard, just to have them as accessories for their nice bookshelf :-O A booklover would not do this to his/her books, and a designer would also tell you that you need some "negative space" as well, in order to make it visualy interesting. Placing some of the books on the horizontal, leaving a bit of free space in each cubicle, adding a small vase or a crystal or any suitable accessory would have been much nicer ideas....well, at least for me.
Amelie074 Amelie074 8 years
I guess I must be weird. I like the 'before' picture better! LoL!
Nina_79 Nina_79 8 years
Still don't get this. Books for me are for reading and not a deco item so I prefer to have them by genre then by color.
foxie foxie 9 years
Really pretty!
dlc3 dlc3 9 years
I just tried that with my books - it looks cool, but books are definitely harder to find - although a few I can remember the color. It's probaly horrible that I did this ...I'm a librarian!
steen steen 9 years
I would probably do this for books that I don't plan on reading anytime soon, haha! It looks pretty but it's not very functional for me.
wren1 wren1 9 years
I love this! I've been meaning to re-organize my 3 bookcases, but my books aren't as colorful.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Lookin' good! Very nice! I have this daydream that one day, I'll put book covers on my books and then they'll ALL LOOK THE SAME, but let's face it, I'm lazy. ;)
hanako66 hanako66 9 years
wow! That looks awesome.....I am attempting to put all of my paperbacks in one area and display my hardbacks without their jackets...this looks awesome!
zabrow zabrow 9 years
i did this with my dvds! the books are next. i love this... her shelf looks great!
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
LOVE it! I did this with my books/and Instyle Mags.
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