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Before and After: An Old Sideboard Gets a Hip Makeover

Aside from its missing drawer handle, there's nothing really wrong with this old sideboard. It has a rich color and a beautiful glossy finish. But, sad as it may be, this style of wood furniture is not very of-the-moment. Everyone wants to paint, paint, paint these days. And wallpaper. Paint and wallpaper, paint and wallpaper. I think there should be a balance of both. You've got to mix some wood pieces in with your painted, metal, and plastic ones.

Want to see the transformation this sideboard received? Then


I think it looks great! The marine paint really makes the sideboard's ornate shape stand out, and the two papered drawers add a whimsical touch. Lately, the trend is to paint furniture in high-gloss, but I really like the matte finish of this piece. It seems less frivolous and more timeless than glossy pieces. What do you think?



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Anabellatc Anabellatc 7 years
I love it! Love the color, the drawers and the hardware! Wish I could do this to a couple of pieces @ home...great job! The original is nice, but way too traditional for my taste!
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 7 years
I think it's gorgeous. I don't always like painted furniture, but this was done really well. It's your sideboard, do what you want with it. And people that like to leave wood how it is can do that with their OWN furniture. I agree that the matte paint brings out all the detail. Nice job re-energizing the piece.
katedavis katedavis 7 years
I love it! I think the matte paint really brings out the decorative aspects of the piece. Beautiful!
Asche Asche 7 years
It looks wonderful, but it's such a shame to ruin an antique sideboard. And I agree, Casa...people are too quick to paint, paint, paint these days. I think it's one of the legacies that Domino left behind.
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
I really like the makeover. Good job!
sgs1 sgs1 7 years
I like the makeover, but I kind of loved the original. All it need was some new hardware.
mslewis mslewis 7 years
I love it!! Nice color, great hardware. I was given a dining room set by an 85 year old woman when she moved to a nursing home. I HATED it!! So ugly. The sideboard looked like this one, only a big longer. I gave it away to someone who liked antiques (after the woman died, of course) because I could not imagine how I could make it look better and fit my decor. Wish I had known about this!! All this happen in 2001.
beckkii beckkii 7 years
This is a really good transformation, although I'm not really liking the floral print on those drawers. I would maybe have painted the drawer doors white instead of the blue or floral.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
They did a good job, but I prefer the way it looked before.
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