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Behind the Scenes on Fixer Upper

The 1 Surprising Reason Joanna Gaines's Instagram Post Has Fans in Shock

Joanna Gaines just shared a behind-the-scenes image from filming Fixer Upper, and while it seems typical enough — it features Joanna, Chip, and their kids preparing to see a big reveal — what we aren't normally privy to is what's happening beyond the scope of the camera while such shots are being filmed. In Joanna's picture, we can see that the family is surrounded by two huge and invasive cameras and half a dozen crew members, including a couple of lighting assistants making sure the Gaineses are perfectly illuminated. And in the background, legions of Fixer Upper fans are being held back on the street.

We had no idea how chaotic filming was, and we're not alone. Fans have chimed in on Instagram, making comments on the post including "Wow I had no idea how many people had to be kept back during filming!" and "I don't know how you all do it, having those cameras around everywhere you go. Your [sic] awesome at what you do but privacy is so important." The Gaines family's ability to keep their composure in such chaotic circumstances gives us even more respect for their incredible work ethic. We'll never watch an episode of Fixer Upper the same way again!

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