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Bell Jar Holiday Decorating Ideas

Cool Idea: Put a Bell Jar on It

Allow us to introduce your new best friend: the bell jar. Place just about anything, even the simplest of objects, beneath a beautiful glass bell jar and — ta-da! — it's instantly transformed into a stylish accent piece. The best part: you can easily swap out a variety of items to suit the occasion. For the holiday season, think outside the box and try one of these creative ideas for a fun, festive display:

  • Books: Stack your favorite holiday reads beneath a bell jar for a cool, literary look. Another savvy idea? Choose the books based on color for a fresh, unexpected display — think red and green, metallic, or Winter white.
  • Mercury glass: For a modern, metallic style that fits in with any color scheme, buy a variety of mercury glass ornaments to place inside. The Pottery Barn Lit Mercury Glass Globes ($30-$55) would create an especially gorgeous, glowing display.
  • Vintage ornaments: Create a nostalgic vignette by grouping your most special ornaments under the jar. Don't worry about whether they coordinate — the more eclectic, the better.
  • Holiday cards: Not sure what to do with all those greeting cards? Set the most stylish picks on display for a sweet, thoughtful decorative accent.

  • Cotton: Go for a snowy effect by gathering a bunch of cotton branches beneath the glass.
  • Seasonal blooms: Switch up your standard vase routine by setting a seasonal flower arrangement under the jar. Snip off the stems for a beautiful, blooms-only look.
  • Pine cones: One of the simplest options? Find several pinecones and set them beneath the jar on their own, or step up the style factor by coating them in metallic spray paint.

Don't have a glass bell jar on hand? Buy this simple Urban Outfitters Glass Cloche ($16), or try HitchKitsch's bell-jar DIY using just a glass vase, a bowl, some glue, and a pretty knob.

Photos: Angela Elias
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