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Blackboard Paint Photos Show Transformed Kitchen Wall

Before and After: An Update For My Awkward Kitchen Wall

Our tiny galley kitchen is something of a multitasking superstar. Within its long and narrow confines we cook, bake, can, grow potted herbs, do laundry, and store household tools and cleaning supplies. Truthfully, we ask it to do a lot.

So I've been OK, up until now, with this eyesore of a wall. The narrow bookshelf was the only one that would fit in the space and still allow the front loading washer and dryer to open, so we stuck it in there. And the horse calendar. Oh, the horse calendar. My mom has gifted a horse-themed calendar to me every year of my life since I was 4 years old. It's hard to get over the guilt of not putting one up every year. So onto the awkward kitchen wall it went.

I'd reached my breaking point, though, and knew that I had to deal with this wall. Additionally, the baby started crawling like a maniac two weeks ago, and all of those books, balanced on an unanchored shelf, were calling his name.


So, after a jaunt to the hardware store and some weekend DIYing, I was able to clean up this corner a bit. See what the transformed space looks like now.


I know I'm a little behind on the whole blackboard paint wall movement, but I couldn't be happier with the results. We decided to move the cookbooks into a glass-cased cupboard in the dining room, and I really love the new, uncluttered look of this wall.

I used the Green Toad paint brush for corner and trim work, which definitely helped to keep the lines clean and crisp. Since the kitchen's cabinets are all a deep red, and the countertops white, the black wall is a lovely contrast with those two colors. I'm also crossing my fingers and hoping that having a wall to draw on with chalk will prevent a budding artist in the house from scribbling on the other walls in the house with markers and crayons. (I know, wishful thinking, right?)

Interested in learning more about my blackboard paint experience? Stop by tomorrow for my tips on using blackboard paint!

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