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Blu Dot Furniture Swap Meet 2012

Change Up Your Decor For Free at the Blu Dot Furniture Swap Meet 2012

I'm excited to present a post from one of my favorite sites, Stylelist Home!

Here's your chance to switch up your furniture without spending a penny (seriously). The Minneapolis, MN-based furniture company Blu Dot is bringing back its popular "swap meet," an online auction that the company launched last year. The concept is that anyone can "swap" a personal collection, homemade craft, or yes, even a unique talent that a person may have in exchange for one of Blu Dot's modern furniture pieces. The contest just kicked off and runs through March 19.

How do you get in on this? To start, offer up something (a "bid") that you want to swap, and post it on Then pick out any piece of furniture from Blu Dot's website that you would like in exchange. If Blu Dot decides that your bid is reasonable, you'll get the furniture piece as long as you uphold your end of the bargain. To give an idea of what has been swapped previously, last year's bids included items as simple as artwork and sculptures to more unusual things such as offering GMAT/GRE tutoring lessons and providing a full-on Texas BBQ feast.

We're pretty excited about the return of the swap meet this year, since there's no money involved and, well, we can definitely use some Blu Dot furniture in our homes. Also, we just love the concept and how it's such a great way to encourage creatives to show off what they've got, be it a quirky collection of things or a fascinating skill that they have.

We have a few things we can think of for the swap meet — how about you? What would you swap for a brand-new couch? Get started at and let us know your bid in the comments below.

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