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Butch-Craft Celebrated at Moss Gallery Exhibition Make Me Opening Sept. 15

"Butch-Craft" Celebrates Rougher Side of Design

You may be familiar with midcentury modern, shabby chic, and minimalist, but have you heard of butch-craft? Butch-craft describes a newly named design aesthetic that will be showcased in the Make Me exhibit at New York's Moss Gallery, beginning Sept. 15.

This exhibition introduces new studio works by Kiki Van Eijk, Peter Marigold (a piece from his Palindrome series is shown here), Oscar Magnus Narud, Marcus Tremonto, Joost Vam Bleiswijk, and several other studios and designers.

Explaining the aesthetic, Moss Gallery founder Murray Moss says,

We introduce the term "Butch-Craft" in an effort to articulate a phenomena: that after years of an increasingly accepted yet hard-won broader, more inclusive definition of design, liberated only recently from the once mandatory ‘form follows function’ credo . . . . Works, both past and present, that overtly resemble ‘furniture’, executed in wood and iron and steel and stone, are now in fact automatically assumed to contain a narrative, a poetic gesture. Function no longer is presumed to neuter any potential for Art; we accept that addressing a prosaic function doesn’t lead necessarily to a prosaic object.

Mr. Moss's assertion that craft and art are no longer separated, with one judged lesser than the other, is a phenomenon I've been witnessing in the past several years as well. From high-end galleries exhibiting furniture next to canvases to glossy magazines celebrating craftwork, it's a trend that I wholeheartedly approve of.

Stop by Moss Gallery this month to tour Make Me. If you do get a chance to explore this exhibit, definitely let me know what you think!

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