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California Business HomeProHub Makes Finding a Window Contractor Easy

Cool Idea: HomeProHub

While I consider myself fairly handy around my home, I'm definitely a little intimidated when it comes to dealing with home contractors. I don't think I'm in a unique position, either: most women I know are afraid that contractors may be trying to rip them off when it comes to home renovations or repairs.

My husband and I have been putting off replacing the windows in three rooms of our house for the past two years. We were finally motivated by the $1,500 tax credit for window replacement, and decided to make the repairs. However, finding the right contractor on your own, as we soon discovered, is anything but easy.

That's why I was so delighted to find out about Bay Area company HomeProHub. The company takes the guesswork out of finding the right contractor for your project. HomeProHub uses a 25 point checklist to vet contractors; if they pass, then they join the company's stable of contractors, who can then bid on a project.


Want to find out how the process works? Then read more.

The process begins with a single, free-of-charge visit from a HomePro consultant to your house, during which samples, design advice, project guidance, and pricing is provided by HomeProHub. After this, a blueprint with project specifications is completed and posted to the project web page. Homeowners receive a login, through which they can access their account on a smart phone, iPad, or computer.

Once the project is posted online, contractors can bid on the project. The homeowner can make a decision about which contractor to use by reviewing his or her profile on the HomeProHub website and reading reviews from other customers. On average, HomeProHub contracts are completed at an eight to 10 percent lower rate than other contractors.

While the initial focus is on home window installations, in the near future, HomeProHub founder Steve Miller noted, "We are eventually going to move into all areas of home improvement. Some products that naturally come up after windows are roofing, solar, siding, landscaping, flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling, and more." HomeProHub will be expanding throughout the state of California first and then plans on working throughout the US.

I've gone through the process myself, and so far I've reviewed bids online, selected my contractor, and met with him at my home. I've been absolutely delighted with every step of the process. It's been streamlined, transparent, honest, and friendly. I'll let you know how the entire process goes, so stay tuned!

HomeProHub pros taking measurements of the windows.

HomeProHub pros measure a casement window in the dining room.

Here's a mockup of an online bid through HomeProHub.

Finished windows from HomeProHub contractors.

Finished windows from HomeProHub contractors.

Finished windows from HomeProHub contractors.

Finished windows from HomeProHub contractors.

Finished windows from HomeProHub contractors.
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