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No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Beyond Carving: Decorating With Pumpkins

While the iconic tradition of carving a pumpkin is near and dear to my heart, these orange beauties are full of other decor possibilities. Consider getting crafty this season and trying an alternative approach to your Halloween pumpkin. While I'm not sure I'm completely ready to give up going under the knife this Fall, here are some fun pumpkin decoration ideas to mix things up in your home and complement your carved beauties.

  • Paint them up. Instead of carving, consider grabbing some paint. This stenciled option is a great idea, but don't be afraid to draw freehand. This could make for a really fun afternoon with the kids, without worrying about them getting too close to any sharp knives.
  • Group together. There's nothing cuter than a group of little pumpkins arranged in a large basket or mixed up with other Fall gourds and squash. Set up an Autumnal scene in an unexpected area of your house with a collection of pumpkins you've found along the way.
  • Glitter time. Change the orange hue of your pumpkin entirely and employ some glitter to glam up your gourd. Be sure to check out this project from Stylelist Home for DIY pumpkin magic with glitter as the star!
  • Let there be light. Instead of carving out the entire pumpkin and lighting it up from the inside out, turn some cute little pumpkins into votive holders. Simply snap off the stem, position the candle in the pumpkin's depression, cover it with an open-topped glass shade, and insert some pins around to hold things in place — and of course, make it safe!
  • Keep it au naturale. There's something so classic about one giant pumpkin sitting pretty outside of a home. Instead of going wild with all the crazy carving, enjoy a pumpkin's beauty in its most natural state. Don't be afraid to think outside the box in terms of color; orange is classic, but there are tons of bright, funky heirloom varieties you can try out. Line up pumpkins up the steps to your home, or just have one big beauty hanging solo outside, keeping an eye out on all the Halloween mischief.

Any other no-carve pumpkin projects you've got in the works this Fall? Be sure to share your ideas below, or in the Su Casa community group!

Source: Country Living

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