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Here's a post from OnSugar blog Maison Classique:

First off, if you are unfamiliar with the iconic late C.Z. Guest, do a quick Google search or brush up on the cliffs-notes here. I purchased this candle at Annie's last summer in Vail, CO. Annie's is one of my favorite shops in the village, and regrettably, they do not have a website. If you are ever there for holiday, or just driving through, stop at Annie's! They have a selection of china, dishes, candles, bath and body products, and all sorts of wonderful things. I pop in every Summer and I am never disappointed. Imagine my delight when I saw the C.Z. Guest candles . . . on sale! You better bet I snatched one up! Truth be told, I would have purchased it had it not been on sale, but I guess it was my lucky day.

The genius thing about this candle is that it literally lives on. The jar is actually a handmade flower pot, and the candle box is packaged with a seed packet. Once the candle is spent, you plant the flowers and grow them in a delightful little pot! Perfect for a guest bath or the kitchen window ledge.

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This scent is "Jardin de Roses." Rose is not my normal pick, but this one was nice and well-balanced. I also liked the baby pink C.Z. wax seal against the white jar (each scent has a different color packaging). When you have this candle out just sitting there, you can smell it.


The bad thing about this candle (and maybe it was just mine), is that it doesn't burn that well. The flame gets very low and is slow-burning. I have had this happen in other candles where the fragrance oil content is very high, and certain oils will do this. Maybe rose is one of them. It does burn, just verrrry slowly.

Above all, I love how the packaging of this candle is so reminiscent of its namesake. The fretwork graphics, the wax seal with initials, the flower pot, and seeds . . . so very C.Z.

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