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Casa Beta: Linnea's Lights Fir Candle

Casa Beta: Linnea's Lights Fir Candle

You may remember that I am very picky about my candles — and willing to spend big bucks on one that I love. Beyond that, I am skeptical of "seasonal" scents, because I often find them gimmicky or simply rushed to the market. So even when Linnea's Lights' new limited edition Fir candle ($28) arrived at my desk in its elegant box, I wasn't yet sold.


Pulling the candle out of its box, I noticed the very light scent of a fir tree scent. But would it fill the room and waft well? I lit the candle in my living room and went about my puttering. Within 10 minutes, I thought, "It smells like Christmas!" completely forgetting that I'd lit the candle. The scent was warm and fuzzy and full of memories, and completely natural, just like a freshly cut Fraiser fir. The aroma is simple and elegant, and will fool your guests into thinking you've got a big, sparkling Christmas tree in the house — even if you live in a closet.

Hear more of my thoughts on the candle.


The candle arrives in a kraft paper box made of recycled materials, labeled in soy ink with delicate calligraphy, and hand-stamped with the name of the "Fir" fragrance. It also comes with an equally elegant matchbox — a nice touch. The candle itself is white, made of natural soy wax, and comes in a clear glass votive. For me, this is a must — colored candles to me are kitschy — and a classic white candle makes a great gift for anyone.



The candle is double-wicked, which to me is a major selling point. I've always felt that candles never have enough wicks. The two wicks, well-spaced, ensure that the wax heats evenly, making the candle last longer — it's said to burn for up to 60 hours. A double-wicked candle burns cleaner than a single wick, too. With a single wick, it can be difficult to have time to let it burn for enough hours so that it liquefies, and it also can lead to smoking after a long burn time.

Soy wax candles in general, unlike paraffin candles, don't give off soot, so they burn much cleaner. This candle also has a cotton wick, which doesn't give off soot like some metal wicks do. It's made from renewable resources, which is a big plus for those of us who are eco-minded.

Linnea's Lights are all-natural, which means they're not potentially toxic like some synthetic ones.

All in all, I highly recommend this candle! And it has me super excited for Christmas. I'll be using it all Winter long — well, at least for 60 hours. You can pick one up at these retailers.

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