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Casa Beta: Lumnique Vanilla Candle

Lumnique, a new company that specializes in personalized candles, recently sent over a vanilla candle for me to review. Unfortunately, I can't stand the scent of vanilla, so CelebStyle offered to review it for me! Lumnique allows shoppers to choose the color, fragrance, and "customized intention" of their candles when ordering online, with 14 different color choices and a variety of fragrances — in fruity, floral, or foodie categories — to choose from. Of course, since Lumnique mailed me the candle, we missed out on the whole personalization part of the package, so she'll just review the candle we received, vanilla:

Scent: "In my experience, candles don't usually live up to their scent being burned but this Vanilla Lumnique candle went above and beyond my expectations. The vanilla notes were strong enough to give off a lasting, comforting scent without being overpowering, too obvious, or too feminine."

To hear her thoughts on the packaging and burning,


Packaging: "The candle came in a black cardboard box, slightly smaller than a shoe box. The Lumnique logo was printed in white across the top flap and inside was an insert holding the glass candle in place alongside an expensive-looking book of matches. While the packaging was fancy and substantial, I found it to be a waste of resources and space. It wasn't very eco-friendly, in terms of both the packaging and the shipping."


Burning: "This double wick candle is the candle that keeps on giving! It burns evenly and slowly, and is as fragrant as the first burn weeks later. It burns clean (no black smoke) and doesn't take long for the wicks to stop burning after blowing them out."

Thanks, CelebStyle!

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