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Casa Beta: Sumo Omni

Recently, I got to test the Sumo Omni ($149). While it's technically a bean bag, it's a lot cooler than the bean bags I grew up with. The Omni is close to indestructible, made from rip-proof nylon and filled with Sumo Beads (aka tiny white foam balls). It's big, too, measuring in at 4.5 by 5.5 feet.

To hear what I thought of the Omni, as well as the opinions of some of my fellow Sugar friends,


The Omni is definitely comfortable, and it's become a favorite spot for breaks in the office as well as for casual office meetings. I'd definitely recommend it for a children's room or a rumpus room arrangement. However, I don't really see how any grown-up home could integrate it successfully into most rooms. It's one of those classic decorating problems: Sometimes, the more comfortable something is, the less you want to actually see it in your home.

Here's what some of my coworkers thought:

CitizenSugar said: "I loved it. Very moldable and good for your posture."
FabSugar: "I love it. So comfy!"
GiggleSugar: "It’s not much to look at, and the exterior could be a softer material, but I could lay back and read in that thing for hours."
BuzzSugar: "So, basically, I was comfortable on it, but it was also a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t get that beanbag feeling of really sinking into something. It was more like, I sat down, and suddenly this hard plasticky material was all around me. Kind of disconcerting. But, on the other hand, it was nice to have something a little more solid to lean against than what I was expecting. "

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GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 8 years
For anyone besides delia who's interested in my sandals, they're by Cordani. And they are indeed comfy! 37 doesn't translate to size 6.5, though, so they're a little too big. :nerdgirl:
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I was thinking of using these for a teenager's video game lounge, but I was considering video game rockers as well.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
Never liked these. Take up too much space and collect dust at the bottom.
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
hanako66: Fatboy makes ones with patterns, like Marimekko: I am currently tempted by the SumoSac myself, though... Sure, it's a designers eyesore, but it just seems so fun and comfy... I was thinking of making my own ( ), but for the time/effort/cost, just buying it directly from Sumo definitely has its appeal.
DeJaVuE DeJaVuE 8 years
delia delia 8 years
I'm lukewarm on the Omni, but I'm LOVING the chunky, wedge-y sandals on the (reluctant?) model. Totally cute, and also comfy looking! Who makes them?
chub0t chub0t 8 years
I fell in love with these @ PAX and I picked up the orange one for my living room. Totally worth it!
hanako66 hanako66 8 years
If they had cool fabrics, I would love this in my bedroom
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