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Casa Interview: Kim Myles of Myles of Style

Recently, I got to chat with the lovely and talented Kim Myles of the new HGTV show Myles of Style about home decorating needs and wants. I kept my questions focused on elements of design that all of you Casa readers have been asking me about, figuring you'd appreciate a fresh take. Kim came up with some super smart and creative answers to all of my queries. Take a look!

CasaSugar You work with clients on a variety of budgets. What do you think is one of the most dramatic, cheap reno projects that home design buffs can do in their home?
Kim Myles It’s been said so many times, but paint is THE most inexpensive /big impact "reno" for any home design buff. It’s a minimal investment of time and money (and if you hate painting, buy a couple of bottles of wine and invite some friends over for a painting party), and you can’t beat the instant wow of fresh, beautifully hued paint.

CasaSugar Is there any skill that you recommend all home design buffs learn?
Kim Myles Sewing is a skill that I’ve found to be invaluable. My grandmother taught me as a child, but a Sewing 101 class will prove to be so freeing to anyone who likes to take control of a space. It opens up the world of "high-end/custom," and makes it affordable.

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CasaSugar What’s an easy DIY that most home design buffs can try?
Kim Myles Customizing a coffee or end table. I lean towards modern and eclectic design styles, so I’d start with a table, three different widths of painters tape, and two paint colors. Paint the entire top (and base if you like) of the table in color #1. Once dry, lay down strips of the tape across the top allowing for an inch or two of space (alternating the tape widths is key). Next, paint on color #2, then remove the tape. Bright, modern, fresh, and super easy.

CasaSugar What design trends are you excited about?
Kim Myles Wallpaper!!!! It’s come such a long way since I was a kid, and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve used it on the show, and I plan to keep working it in whenever I can. So many designers and companies are cranking out fantastic graphics and finishes; they’re real works of art in a space.

CasaSugar What advice do you have for people that want to make some changes to their décor, but don’t have a budget to work with? Where should they start?
Kim Myles Start by editing; it’s free! Clear your room of ALL furniture, décor, etc. Start with a fresh blank space, and then ask yourself about each item you’ve just removed, "Do I love it? Do I use it?" Unless the answer is "Yes" to both questions, the item doesn’t go back into the space. Once you’ve made your edit, plug the items left back in in a fresh configuration. Sometimes creating space is the simplest plan for a big pay off.


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