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Casa Quickie: Lose the Lily Mess

Lilies brighten any space, but the fragrant blooms have a dark side. As soon as the beautiful blossom opens, an ugly pile of pollen appears — staining everything it touches. Luckily lily lovers can still covet their bouquets, just without the pesky cleanup.

Inside the flower, lilies have two parts to their stamen: the filament (the long spiky part) and the anther (the dusty crescent shaped part on top). The anthers are the culprits of the mess, and simply removing them from the filaments solves the problem instantly. Use your fingers and a tissue to gently pop them off as soon as the bud opens. If pollen falls on the flower itself, use a q-tip to gently remove the color. Repeat the steps as the other buds open and enjoy stargazing once again.

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