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I told you once that it's smart to consider the best time to shower your garden, but I have another watering tip that you may not have considered. If you fill your yard with native plants, you'll trim down your watering requirements significantly. I've talked about native plants before, but I wanted to re-emphasize them during eco chic month. Since they're naturally adapted to the region, they don't require any special care to thrive, like watering or fertilizing. And since they're a part of the local ecosystem, local wildlife will also appreciate the food and shelter native plants provide. How about that for conservation (and preservation)?

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hkmarks hkmarks 9 years
10 years ago, every single front yard in my neighbourhood had a grass lawn. Now over half have ornamental gardens (including mine). They're much easier to deal with -- no need to mow, and we only water about once a summer (mainly for the sake of the tree.) Also, there are grass varieties that are drought-resistant. (And shade-loving, and sun-loving, and traffic-resistant...) I planted a grass variety called "Eco-lawn" last year that filled in some very stubborn bare spots in dry, treed areas. The principles of natural selection apply in my garden: if it survives a 100F summer and a -40F winter with minimal intervention, it can stay.
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