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Casa Quickie: Prolong the Life of Your Broom

It's not only your beauty regimen that should incorporate an antiaging system. You should also keep your household supplies looking good until they're on their very last legs. Brooms, especially natural fiber brooms, are really built to last, unless you're careless with them. For one, you should avoid getting your broom wet at all costs, which will damage the broom and shorten its life span. So make sure you do all your sweeping before you bring out your mop, and store your broom in a dry place, away from your kitchen or bathroom. When it does come time to wash your broom, dry it thoroughly upside down or hanging above ground on a hook to prevent the bristles from bending or being damaged otherwise. And no, sweeping only once a month is not an acceptable way to prolong the life of your broom!

chancleta chancleta 9 years
i love my broom i dislike swiffers call me old fashioned but i think for dealing with large amounts of dog hair (i have a black lab and live in Florida so he sheds BIG time) that nothing works like a good old fashion broom
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i wonder if many people still use brooms these days. with the invention of the swiffer and other similar products - i would imagine that a lot of people have made the transition over and brooms aren't used as much. for the things that aren't picked up by the swiffer - the handy minivac does it. i do think though that these are good tips for people who have still managed to keep their broom for typical cleaning usage.
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