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I've always thought of Canadian furniture store EQ3 as a sort of Ikea for grown-ups. So I started doing some research on the company after seeing a post on Decor8 the other day, and wouldn't you know, that's pretty much what the founders had in mind.

EQ3 was founded by Peter Tielmann, who moved from Europe to North America in 1999 and was shocked by the lack of cool furniture options for young consumers. You can definitely see the European design influence in EQ3's delightfully affordable furniture, rugs, and other home wares. For more on EQ3 and my product picks,

The furniture and other products are un-boring but basic enough to fit into all types of decor; there's a great selection of lovely modern couches that won't break the bank, despite very hip silhouettes and customizable fabric options. The goods are available at EQ3 showrooms in Canada and the U.S. (check out the store locator to find one near you) and also online. To see some of my favorite pieces, click on the photos below.

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phonetic phonetic 9 years
Wow, thanks for warning us Vanessa! And I really hope your problems get resolved soon.
VanessaD VanessaD 9 years
I would like to warm potential customers to refrain from purchasing furniture at EQ3. I ordered quite a few pieces from an EQ3 store in Ottawa in September 2007 (I furnished my entire living and dining rooms with EQ3 merchandise). It is now the third week of February 2008 and I just received my final piece of furniture, but still have 3 damaged pieces. This has been the most horrible experience I have ever had with a sales company. The customer service is unbelievably bad. In fact, if all EQ3 stores treat their customers in the same manner as the stores in Ottawa, I'm surprised this company is still in existence. It took about 12 weeks to receive my first delivery. Initially I was told that I would have to wait until all my furniture arrived in order to avoid multiple delivery charges. However, I received my furniture in instalments, because I was told that my pieces were 'taking up space in the warehouse'. This poor attitude was one of the first indicators of the bad customer service to come, along with all the unanswered messages I left with regards to the status of my order. When this first delivery arrived, I was told that three pieces that were supposed to be delivered could not be found in the warehouse and one piece actually had not arrived, but they would be delivered shortly. After waiting for two weeks I called the store to discover that the piece that I was told did not arrive, in fact had, and that I would receive a call soon to set up a delivery date/time. More than another two weeks passed before I received a message informing me that my sofa would finally be arriving soon (this is now 16 weeks after I placed my order) and to call back to set up a delivery time/date. During this time I realized that whenever anything was split on my dining table glass top, the glass would become permanently marked. After talking to someone at the store, I was told that the delivery people would look at the table when my sofa was delivered. However, when my delivery happened, the delivery people informed me that they were not EQ3 employees and did not deal with damaged furniture. Also, when the sofa was delivered the packaging had been damaged, which resulted in a torn and wet sofa (as there was snow on the ground here in Ottawa). After talking to another EQ3 representative, we came to the conclusion that the glass of my table had been installed upside down and replacement glass would be ordered. In terms of the damaged sofa, I was told that EQ3 contracts out all furniture repairs and I would have to make an appointment with someone from that company. This is after I stated that I did not want the sofa repaired but replaced. It took another two months for the furniture repair company to come inspect my sofa (three separate appointments had to be made, two of which were cancelled at the last minute). When the inspection happened, I informed the representative that I did not want the sofa repaired, but replaced. It took almost another two weeks for an EQ3 representative to call me and inform me that since the sofa could be adequately repaired, that is what they would do. However, as the sofa was not just torn, but also wet when I received it, a repair is not acceptable to me, as I do not want mould growing in my sofa. I have left a message to indicate this, and am waiting on a response. When I received my last delivery late last week, the replacement glass that was delivered was also damaged and the delivery people scratched the metal frame of my table. So, I now have a damaged sofa that EQ3 will not replace, damaged dining table glass, and a 2-inch long scratch on the frame of my dining table. I still have yet to hear back from EQ3 regarding my damaged table. After receiving this last delivery, I went into the store and talked with the general manager. While I was explaining my experience, she continually said that it was ‘unfortunate’, and at one point said to me “I don’t know what you want me to say”. This type of customer service from a general manager is unacceptable, in my opinion. I spent several thousand dollars at EQ3 and received nothing but horrendous customer service after my order was placed. I almost always get voice mail when I call the store, and rarely get a return call. The store charged my Visa without my permission before my sofa delivery took place, so in essence I am paying for damaged furniture. I’ve had 4 separate deliveries, and at least 2 that were cancelled at the last minute (the cancellations were prompted by my phone calls after deliveries did not take place when they were scheduled to). As I mentioned above, I also had to meet with the furniture repair representatives once, after two appointments were cancelled after they were supposed to take place. While the staff in the stores are helpful, the poor dealings I have had with this company after my order was placed leads me to believe that once EQ3 gets your money you are no longer of any importance to them. If you are in the market for new furniture, I would advise you to go elsewhere if you are looking for intact furniture, timely delivery, and appropriate customer service.
sweetnsassy sweetnsassy 9 years
I got my couch and chair from EQ3 about a year ago. I love them both. I purchased the SAGA set and I got the couch is a soft sagey/celery like green and I bought the floor model of the chair that was in leather and it's teh softest leather and so comfortable. The couch is an extra foot long and I'm tall so it's great to lounge on. I love the fact that you can pick out a model and then pick out the fabric and they'll custom make the furniture for you. It's a subsidary of Pallisar. I also got the boomerang tables and some lamps.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
looks like they have 4 stores in vancouver. cool. i may have been in a store before but i'll have to make it a point to go into one on purpose! great stuff!
pargie pargie 9 years
Yes I checked this out when I was on Decor8, and then one of my teachers pulled up this website in my design class, and now CasaSugar. The universe is trying to tell me something...
delia delia 9 years
Oops - just looked at the website and it looks like the Salema is a little more expensive now. Still a bargain at $799!
delia delia 9 years
I have their Salema sofa in a charcoal grey bouclé. I absolutely adore it. I like the shape because it's rigid and structured on the outside, but has a softer shape on the inside (the arm and back cushions are down-y). The quality is surprisingly good for the price - my sofa in the fabric of my choice (they had SO MANY swatches to choose from!) was only about $700. That's less than many IKEA sofas, and it looks much, much nicer.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i love love love love love these!
phonetic phonetic 9 years
Holy crap, I'm in love.
mizlynz mizlynz 9 years
This does remind me a lot of what I've seen in Ikea's catalogue, only in more organic colors.
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