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When it comes to sustainable technologies, Royal Boon Edam is truly opening doors. The company has introduced the world's first energy-generating revolving door, which not only saves energy but also generates it with each person who passes through. The door was installed in the Driebergen-Zeist railway station in the Netherlands, which was recently refurbished by RAU, an architect firm specializing in ecological buildings. The energy that commuters apply to the door by pushing it is harnessed by a special generator, which safely controls the rotating speed of the door. Meanwhile, low-energy LED lights in the ceiling slurp up the stored energy to keep the door space constantly illuminated. To hear more about this inventive technology,


What's more, red-to-green LED scales inside the door show how much energy is generated and "Human Powered Energy" stickers are adhered to the door, so that people are aware of their contribution as they pass through the door itself. With a daily capacity of 8,500 commuters, the average day-to-day schlep to work adds up to about 4600 kWh in energy savings per year, much more than a standard door that doesn't save any energy! In addition to that, your plain ol' revolving door makes heating and air conditioning more efficient as it prevents air flow in and out of a building. Though Royal Boon Edam's energy-generating revolving door is currently used in a commercial capacity, I think this is only the beginning, and I hope one day our doors will harness our own energy for homes as well — without making me sweat.

itme13 itme13 8 years
I totally came up with that idea around 6 months ago. I was living in Chicago and basically every building there uses revolving doors (downtown at least). So I mentioned using them to create some energy for the buildings (I knew it wouldnt run the whole building but some energy is better than none right?) to my friends and family, who were basically completely under whelmed by the idea. So now I can show them my idea was actually quite brilliant after all! LOL
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
So neat!
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
That is brilliant!
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