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Casa Verde: New Soap, Old Bottle

We've seen some pretty innovative repurposing of plastic bottles lately, like that self-watering vase and Michelle Brand's ethereal lights, room dividers, and light shades made from the bottoms of soda bottles. But, what's so wrong with reusing them for their original purpose — storing liquids? Absolutely nothing. New Soap, Old Bottle, which sells new liquid soap packaged in old plastic soda bottles, plastic water bottles and glass beer bottles, is onto this. They buy name-brand liquid soaps and cleaners by the barrel, too, like 409 and Windex, so not only do they cut costs, but you know what to expect from the product (though it would be even cooler if they used eco soaps and products in the bottles). This business strategy helps clean up the environment in more ways than one — if only they would wash my dishes for me. Oh, and don't worry, each bottle is cleaned, sanitized, and processed before reuse. I also like that each bottle isn't slapped with a company's logo; it makes me feel like less of a sheep being herded by commerce.

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