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Work It: Chelsea Handler's Upbeat Office Style

Feb 27 2014 - 4:08am

When it came time to transform Chelsea Handler's office, designer Shannon Wollack [1] knew just what it needed: a multifunctional floor plan and sophisticated decor infused with elements of fun. Formerly in corporate fashion, Shannon left New York for sunny Los Angeles, where she lives with her show-biz hubby, Chelsea Lately writer Brad Wollack, and their young son (check out his stylish nursery [2]!), and runs her interior design business. Having both a professional and personal relationship with Chelsea, Shannon and her design colleague, Brittany Zwickl, were eager to take on the task of designing the comedic powerhouse's creative space. We caught up with Shannon to chat about everything from working with Chelsea to her go-to sources for stylish decor.

Source: Shannon Wollack

POPSUGAR: Balancing beauty with functionality is important when designing any space. How did that shape the design plan for Chelsea's office?

Shannon Wollack: We knew we wanted to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing while at the same time fully functional for Chelsea's needs. This would need to include a lounge area for people to hang out, as well as a work/desk area. Knowing this, we opted to put the makeup station in the main office area. This way she can work at her computer, take meetings, and have her hair and makeup done at the same time. The lounge area also includes a built-in bar (not pictured) that has a refrigerator, ice maker, and is always fully stocked with Chelsea's favorite libations.

Modern but also slightly retro in feel, the sleek custom vanity pairs perfectly with the leather-upholstered Arteriors chair.

PS: Did Chelsea have any requests as far as aesthetics?

SW: After collaborating with her for several years, we had a fairly good idea of her design taste. Her taste reflects her personality (as it should): bold, fun and sharp. To complement that, we typically mix vintage items, custom furniture, and unique statement pieces.

The cubed compartments of glass on this custom coffee table make styling a cinch. The key is to top neat stacks of colorful books with a few pretty accessories.

The curves on the brass Arteriors lamp mimic the repeated shapes in the wall art.

PS: Tell us about the rainbow-hued scalloped art piece. What is it, and where did you find it?

SW: This is a custom piece of art crated by Kyle Bunting out of Austin, TX. We have worked closely with Kyle in the past and were very excited to create a unique piece of wall art out of luxury hide.

A perfect fit for the elegant but slightly whimsical vibe of the office, the Apparatus chandelier reminds us of an upside-down balloon bouquet.

Beneath it are two leather chairs scored from 1st Dibs and accented with magenta throw pillows.

PS: How did you create the cluster of photographs? Is it a custom frame?

SW: Chelsea loves photos, so our colleague and graphic designer, Ashley Steen, compiled approximately 50 pictures to create a custom photo collage of her family and friends. We had it custom framed from our go-to guy, Andy at Sherman Gallery. The best part: we made a template that can easily be changed, and the framing is designed in such away that it is easy for us to switch the matting in and out.

A large Slim Aarons print complements the midcentury decor sprinkled throughout the office.

The bathroom feels especially decadent covered with floor-to-ceiling haisa marble.

To create visual interest, a herringbone patterned strip runs along the center.

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