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Christmas Present Display

Stylish, Unexpected Ways to Display Christmas Gifts

Instead of placing your gifts beneath the Christmas tree like usual, why not mix things up this year? Try a new idea that will surprise and delight your family, and it might just become a beloved tradition. Not only are these unique suggestions fun and festive, but they also look great as home decor . . . so what is there to lose? Have fun presenting your presents this year!

  1. Great (gift!) pyramid: Try stacking your colorfully wrapped packages against a bare wall, with the largest on the bottom and smallest on top to create a pyramid shape.
  2. Gift-tag ornaments: Instead of displaying your presents, try decorating your tree with gift tags — on Christmas morning, each family member can alternate picking one of their name-inscribed tags off the tree. Whoever placed that tag on the tree can then go fetch their present and give it to the tag-holder! This option avoids clutter, keeps presents well-hidden, and can even render wrapping paper obsolete.
  3. Branching out: It's a tradition for some families to nestle small presents in the branches of the Christmas tree, so try doing the same with your gifts. You can even wait until Christmas is over to open these for some more excitement.
  4. Festive floating shelves: If you have floating shelves in your home, load them up with pretty presents. It'll keep gifts out of the reach of curious little ones, chew-happy pets, and sensitive toes!
  5. Bedside surprise: In the Harry Potter universe, each Hogwarts student wakes up on Christmas morning to a stack of presents at the foot of their bed. If it works for wizards, it'll work for you!
  6. Ceiling suspense: Are you opting for little presents this year? String your gift cards and lightweight gifts from fishing wire and attach them to the ceiling — they'll appear magically suspended in midair!
  7. The giving tree: We've all seen Christmas trees made of book stacks, but you might never have considered creating a tree out of the presents themselves! Stack gifts from large to small in a tree shape, wrap the pile with garland and string lights, and wait for the big day. The best part about this option is that your tree is automatically "put away" after Christmas morning.
  8. Scavenger hunt: Who says that hunting for gifts is only fun on Easter? Try hiding presents around the house and having each person hunt for their own . . . but make sure to first write down a list of locations so that nobody forgets anything!
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