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Christmas Trees You Can Make

5 Christmas Trees You Don't Have to Water

It's hard to beat the nostalgic scent of a fresh Christmas tree, but if you're looking for an option that doesn't involve watering or cleaning up pine needles, these alternative trees might be for you! With some require serious DIY flexing, some of these can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. See the five faux trees we're pining for!

Branches — Hold the Leaves

Somehow, we don't miss the greenery in this wooded Christmas tree by Kara Rosenlund. The artfully stacked logs and snowy white ornaments are an enchanting take on dreamy neutrals.

Fantasy Fabric

Source: Etsy

If the idea of building a tree seems daunting, not to worry. Capture the look of a life-size tree by hanging this Etsy!


Chalk It Up

Source: A Legg Up

Yet another reason to embrace the chalkboard-paint trend. Hazel from A Legg Up used her chalkboard wall as a canvas for drawing this beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired tree.

A Bookworm's Delight

Source: Mediatinker

When Kristen from Mediatinker had trouble finding a new home for a box of old hardcover books, she decided to get crafty. With a little drilling and some green acrylic paints, she turned her castoffs into creative Christmas decor.

Paper Trail

Source: Gensler

Made entirely from recycled paper, this eco-friendly tree reminds us of our favorite Christmas cartoons. Check out the paper tree tutorial to make your own!

If you'd prefer to stick with a fresh tree, see our tips for keeping your tree healthy during the holidays.

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