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Clint Harp Talks About Joanna Gaines

Fixer Upper's Clint Harp Talking About Joanna Gaines Is the Sweetest Thing You'll Read All Day

There's a certain magic that happens when carpenter Clint Harp works with designer Joanna Gaines on the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. Joanna conceptualizes the perfect custom wood piece needed to turn a house into a home, and Clint delivers with stunning accuracy. Call it creative chemistry or just a meeting of two great design minds, but there's no denying that the two are on the same wavelength. And we're not the only ones who feel it.

POPSUGAR recently chatted with Clint, whose new show pilot, Wood Work, just debuted on the DIY Network, and he told us, "One of the things I love about Joanna is that she's a very driven person, and she knows what she wants. And so there rarely is ever any confusion. There's not a lot of guessing for me to do . . . she knows what I can do. She knows how I can deliver. And I know what she's thinking when she says certain things and whatnot."

The dynamic design duo's relationship precedes Fixer Upper. Joanna took a chance on Chip when he was starting out in woodworking, unproven and flat broke having just transitioned from a corporate career. Their fateful meeting came about because Clint ran into Chip at a gas station, which led to an invitation for Clint and his wife, Kelly, to have dinner at the Gaineses'. Clint recalls that during the meal Joanna asked him, "If I take out a piece of paper and sketch out the design, do you think you could make it?" Clint told her he could, and shortly thereafter, Joanna followed through, showing up at the $25-a-month shop space he was renting from Habitat for Humanity.

"She comes over and brings a piece of paper with about four or five different designs on it. Some dining tables, and an island, and a coffee table, and some stuff like that. And I hadn't made any money in getting close to like a year — we were just burning through our savings — and so I made these pieces . . . for this little show she did at her home. She would do a little market out of her house and this was before the show came along and all that, and I think we sold all those pieces and took orders for five more." It was a huge turning point for Clint and his family.

The years of working together have helped the two understand one another with preternatural accuracy. "Our personalities just kind of work well together. But the other part, and I would say almost a bigger part, is just literally over time working together on so many pieces and learning how each other works has probably been the thing that's helped us the most," Clint told us, adding, "I'm usually not in doubt at all of what she wants. So I know if I will just make the thing that she wants and that she described to me, there shouldn't be any problems." We should all be so lucky to have such a perfect workmate!

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