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Closet Organizing Tips

How to Create Your Dream Closet

With the right combination of style and function, getting your dream closet is possible. Keeping the basics (and a few details) in mind, here is a list of 10 things every enviable closet must have. From lighting down to a personal touch, it's these elements that will evoke a leisurely and celebratory idea of dressing that most of us only dream of having. And don't worry, these tips hold true to any closet, no matter the size!

  1. Own organization: First things first, to get the closet of your dreams, you must get organized. Toss anything that you no longer need, and be sure everything has a place (and remains in that place!). Keep clothes that you wear often in reach, and store seasonal items out of sight.
  2. Make lighting a priority: Since no one wants to accidentally confuse navy with black, lighting is vital to a closet. It can also be a great way to add personality. Try a vibrant chandelier or a statement lamp.
  3. Add storage: In closets of any size, storage is important. Instead of choosing plastic bins, consider options with a bit more style like wicker baskets. Since closets have little to no room for furniture, use storage to add color and texture.
  4. Include a personal touch: If you're a fashion lover, your closet could be the best spot in your house. Although it's a small space, hanging art or adding a few photos will make the space yours and one you'll never want to leave.
  5. Take a seat: Having a place to lace up those shoes is important! Even if it's a small pouf, it will make getting ready in the morning easier. A small piece of furniture will help your closet look and feel more like a room.
  6. Mirrors are a must: Having a (full-length) mirror is a must! If you're short on space, try hanging one on the back of your door or cabinets. Sliding mirrors are also a great way to save space.
  7. Hang it up: While they seem minor, hangers are important for a streamlined look. Switching out miscellaneous hangers for a matching set will give your closet a sleek, boutique feel. These Platinum Huggable Hangers ($10 each) are similar to the hangers Whitney Port uses in her closet!
  8. Color code: If you're serious about a truly chic closet, taking the time to color code your clothes will pay off. Not only will it be visually appealing, it will make finding the perfect outfit a breeze.
  9. Add height: If you don't have a large walk-in closet, go up! Shelves will work wonders, especially for bulky items like shoes and purses.
  10. Work with what you've got: Last but certainly not least, work with have you have! Even if you don't have Christina Aguilera's closet, you can create a space that is truly you and one that will let your fashionable side shine.
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