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20 Coffee-Table Styling Tricks to Try

Aug 12 2014 - 9:34am

It's part display, part storage, and most importantly, it's where you can put down your wine and ice cream — yes, the coffee table may be the most important piece of furniture in your living room. Whether you prefer to use it for function or flair, this often-overlooked piece says a lot about your style sensibility. So, to ensure you're showing off your very best self, get inspired by these fun styling ideas straight from Instagram, and take your coffee table to the next level.

Source: Instagram [1]

For a more modern look, keep your coffee table monochromatic. Layering pieces that are the same color looks luxe and sophisticated.

Source: Instagram user interiorforinspo [2]

Are you stuck trying to style a tiny living space? A mirrored tabletop will help make the room feel bigger.

Source: Instagram user cushandcoosh [3]

Planning a dinner party? Keep it casual by ditching your traditional table and eating on the coffee table instead. Use comfortable pillows as seats and tuck in for a fun night.

Source: Instagram user boholuxeinteriors [4]

If you don't want to deal with clutter, a shadow-box tabletop is a great way to create more space for your favorite treasures while still keeping the table clear.

Source: Instagram user homeevolutionfurniture

Coffee tables don't have to be cooped up inside; bring your living space outdoors and enjoy your morning coffee al fresco.

Source: Instagram user tarasbalkon [6]

Don't banish clothes and shoes to your closet. Show off your favorite style pieces on your coffee table.

Source: Instagram user thecoveteur [7]

Add life to your living room with a custom terrarium. If you're feeling creative, you can even try taking one on as a DIY style project [8].

Source: Instagram user marandamarie828 [9]

Craving a look that's nontraditional? Use a collection of wood blocks or salvaged crates to create a "table" that will have guests talking.

Source: Instagram user thecozyhome [10]

Add texture and personality to your space by using your favorite reads as layering tools on your coffee table. Top them with trinkets or fresh flowers for a look that's glamorous but laid-back.

Source: Instagram user ambriinteriors [11]

Minimalism doesn't have to be boring. A harlequin coffee table looks best bare.

Source: Instagram user batforlashess [12]

Play up your chic style by using contrasting elements in your living space. A slick glass coffee table looks great paired with a lush sheepskin rug and soft pillows.

Source: Instagram user elaineji88 [13]

Add a pop of color to your living room by getting busy with a new DIY [14] project. Paint a reclaimed coffee table [15] a bold color that works with the rest of your room.

Source: Instagram user christineomfg [16]

Instead of a traditional coffee table, try using a trunk instead. The piece is charming and serves as extra storage in your living room.

Source: Instagram user _a_l_e_x_a_n_d_r_e_ [17]

Keep with a theme — this bohemian-inspired living room is full of eclectic pieces that all fit together, including the live-edge table.

Source: Instagram user americangarage [18]

Create a standout coffee table by using a collection of matching items. Whether it's cacti or candles, grouping items creates a surprising table assortment.

Source: Instagram user everythingelze [19]

You don't have to be hosting a book club to get people talking about your favorite reads. Lay out inspirational books on the table so your guests can easily flip through them.

Source: Instagram user withoutlipstick [20]

If you spend your evenings relaxing in the living room, make sure to use your coffee table to keep snacks handy. A bowl of oranges or trail mix is a style piece that also serves as a yummy treat.

Source: Instagram user sarahyates [21]

Think outside of the box when you're choosing furniture. If you're looking to shake up your style, opt for a round table instead of a more traditional square or rectangular table.

Source: Instagram user jwsinteriors [22]

Mix form and function with a wheeled coffee table that can easily roll to serve as a low side table.

Source: Instagram user 49kvadrat

For a coffee table that does double-duty, ditch a traditional piece for a bench or plush seat instead. Top with a decorative tray that is easy to remove when the couch is full.

Source: Instagram user innerdecor [24]

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