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Colony Palms Hotel Design Ideas

Steal the Style: Colony Palms Hotel

If we had to choose one place to escape to this Summer, it'd be the Colony Palms Hotel. Located in Palm Springs, CA, this dessert hideaway is rich in tradition and high in style. Respecting the hotel's original 1936 Spanish colonial architecture, the decor mixes Moroccan detail with modern elements, creating a vibe we can't help but covet. Taking cues from the jewel-toned walls and eclectic fabrics, translate the effortless bohemian space to your own home — desert heat not included.

  • Pillows: Pillows easily bring texture, color, and pattern to a room. To achieve the Colony's Spanish charm, consider pillows with woven detail ($55-$65) and bright colors ($160).
  • Striped candle ($38): Mix and match patterns among accents like candles and art; just make sure to keep within the room's color palette.
  • Wood lamp ($275): Use bedside lamps to frame your bed and easily incorporate a pop of color.
  • Bedside table ($149): Place a sculptural table at the side of a bed to balance the room's bohemian details with a modern touch.
  • Throw blanket ($139): Throw blankets are the easiest way to add texture and luxe, especially against white bedding.
  • White bedding ($170): White linens make a great base and allow color and pattern in the room to stand out further.

Learn how to get the complete look after the break.

  • Spanish tiles (price upon request): Between the pattern and color, these Moroccan tiles are fitting for a bohemian-chic space. If you want the look on a smaller scale, then consider using the tiles as coasters instead.
  • Tropical tray ($35): Chances are you aren't going to style your home's walls with palm-tree cutouts, but you can get a similar look with the addition of this palm tray.
  • Purple chair ($1,099): The plum color immediately makes a statement, especially when paired with other jewel-toned furniture.
  • Mirror ($995): Not only do large, stately mirrors serve as art, but also, they are a great way to open up a space — even a dining room!
  • Paint (prices vary): When it comes a room's color palette, don't be afraid to be bold. Purple and green tones are unexpected yet complement each other perfectly. We also have a feeling that purple symbolically represents the Purple Gang, in which Al Wertheimer (the hotel's original owner) was involved.
  • Colorful vase ($19-$24): Use one of these vases to add eclectic touch to a tablescape or console table.
  • Pillows ($44): Embroidered pillows give seating a Moroccan vibe, while the chevron pattern adds a modern touch.
  • Palm art ($22): What better way to add a hint of the Colony Palm's signature style than with a vintage palm-tree photograph?
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