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One of our readers, Paige, wrote in with a decorating dilemma. She said, "I am a huge music lover and I have lots of collectibles that I wanted to use to decorate a room in my home. I have backstage passes, ticket stubs, album covers, posters, and books. How do I decorate my home with these items — but with taste?" I asked readers on our Facebook page for suggestions for Paige, and they came up with some great ideas.

  • Monica suggested, "Display frames and shadow boxes for album covers. You can add a glass top to a coffee table and display your tickets under it. Or if you are careful collage or decoupage an object with some of the stubs."
  • Rikka said, "I would make a 'wallpaper' out of them. Dedicate one feature wall and color copy the heavier items like covers. She can arrange symmetrically with a mix of angles to give it energy. She can also hang simple foot-long shelves, painted the same color as the wall background, in various assymetrical places and heights to keep her 3D objects (albums, books etc). Really depends on how large her collection is (should be enough to fill full height and width). I often see this work with someone between 25-35 yrs old so it really depends on the  person, her lifestyle, and her space."
  • Kristen chimed in, "I agree about the shadow box. I love to make scrapbook pages and display them in shadow boxes. You could make a page with the different stubs/passes."
  • Sandra said, "Get yourself an Ikea Expedit unit to store/display your items and use the album covers to cover the ugly Leckman boxes — they fit them perfectly."
  • About Budget Decorating shared, "My husband has a large collection of memorabilia of his favorite sports team — old ticket stubs, athletic department forms, banners, old books, etc. I took a small section of wall in our study and mounted strips of molding to it — almost like picture rails. I then put everything he had in the same color of mattes and frames, and then set it on the molding. Very inexpensive, and the same frames/mattes tied it all together. It looks great!"
  • JoAnna suggested, "Bottom line is create attractive groupings that look good together — you also may need to prioritize which items to display. Too much can look busy and unattractive."

Do you have a suggestion for Paige? Leave it in the comments!


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