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Cool Idea: Books by the Foot

I am on a never-ending quest to expand my home library, and fortunately my home is small enough that I'm not plagued with any bare bookcases giving guests the illusion that I'm illiterate. But, if I did live in a sprawling space with lots of storage, why not fill those built-ins with books? Enter Wonder Book, which sells books by the foot. Prices for "like new" hardback books begin at $6.99 per foot. Depending on what look you're trying to achieve, or what you're interested in, you can choose from modern cloth hardbacks, vintage club books, oversized coffee-table books, vintage kids books, sets, books by subject, books by color, and more. I love the look of the Vintage Club Books ($49.99). I would prefer a collection of books I've bought one by one myself, so that they're not only decorative functional, and so the collection tells a story. But you never know, maybe you'll find a gem around foot 2.

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