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Cool Idea: Conquer Cable Cords With Beads

While there are many ways to hide your cable cords, this is perhaps the cutest one I've happened upon so far. It's also a really cheap option for adding a little decorating power to something that's most definitely an eyesore.
To try this at home, simply buy large wooden beads and string them over any exposed cords. An added bonus? It'll be a lot harder to trip over the cords, since it'll be easier to see them!


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courtneyd courtneyd 7 years
I kind of like the idea if you were to use it on a light kit that you are hanging from the ceiling. Usually the cord runs up the wall then hangs down to the lamp, so it wouldn't be in the way. I agree that this just looks downright dangerous on the floor (or humorous, in a Looney Tunes way). Looking at the two gray, chunky plugs that end on the beaded strands, I would say these were strung then the plug attached.
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 7 years
this is even more dangerous than the risk of tripping over a wire, now you'd roll halfway across the room and have the horrible feeling of the inevitability of falling over and there being nothing you can do about it. also - it's ugly :( sorry but not a fan!
JuicyDumplings JuicyDumplings 7 years
Fun idear, but usually all my cords are on in place, so to have beads over all of them would just make things look crazier... Plus my dog would go nutso for 'em!
flyinggrip flyinggrip 7 years
I don't think this would really make the cords any safer, they might be easier to see, but would be really dangerous if somone were to step on them!
funkymunky5683 funkymunky5683 7 years
Oh, and if you did it on a cord with an end small enough to fit through the holes, how would you keep them from all falling off when you unplug the device?
funkymunky5683 funkymunky5683 7 years
Yeah, this confuses the hell out of me. It's even shown in the picture with them strung over a cord with two huge plugs on either end.
Home Home 7 years
Yep, or cable cords!
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
and I can just see pets and children playing with these fun, brightly colored toys on the floor... that aside, I'm not a fan of the way this looks.
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