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Cool Idea: Garment Dividers

About a year ago, I gave you all an in-depth guide to organizing your hangers. If you're like me, your closet is in tip-top shape for a couple weeks, and then it's time to get organized again. Well, I don't know of any gadgets that will keep my clothes off of the floor, but these Simple Division Garment Organizers ($9.99) do seem like they'll help keep my dresses from wandering off into the pant section. The set comes with 60 labels (in English and Spanish) and 12 dividers. But, you can also print your own labels if you want to make them cuter or if you're the owner of a nontraditional garment that needs a unique label — chaps, anyone? These dividers seem pretty handy, but I'm also feeling a DIY coming on!

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Ladytron7000 Ladytron7000 8 years
Also, these could be used for buying things that are totally useless and made out of plastic. I have eyes. I don't need to read whether some shirts are long-sleeves.
Erika-Giselle Erika-Giselle 8 years
i need these!!! it is a bit OCD, but my closet is a DISASTER!!!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Hahahahahaha this is totally me. I'm major OCD but naturally separate my tops. Dressy, semi dressy, sweaters, dress pants and so on and so forth. I know I'm insane. Hahahaha.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
I don't see a good use for these at all! Instead of spending $10 each (!) on these things, I just use objects that are already hanging in my closet as dividers. For example, I have one of those shoe organizers that you wrap around the closet rod and you can fit 10 pairs of shoes in the slots.... So I put most of my dresses (since I don't wear them often) to the far left of my closet, then hang the shoe organizer. Essentially, I am using that as a separator. I also have a mini ironing board that hangs from the closet rod (thanks Ikea). I hang that between my long sleeves and my sweaters. Really though, as long as I keep all my clothing types (tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters) together, I usually just go by the visual separation more than anything.
mletrav mletrav 8 years
Hmmm. No offense, but this is a little too OCD for even me.
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 8 years
I could use new hangers, thank you Casa.
stargazer25 stargazer25 8 years
Love it the idea! If you do a diy casasugar, even better!
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