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Cool Idea: Instant Photo Frame

Sherwood Forlee is the New York-based design engineer who created the HomeHero Fire Extinguisher, the winner of the 2007 IDSA Gold Award and a much blogged about home-safety item. But, Forlee's forté isn't only in saving lives, he also rescues photos. With framing costs high and limited space in our homes, many of our photos get thrown by the way side, never seeing the light of frame. With his Instant Photo Frame though, Forlee has made it possible to frame every photograph we take. By downloading this frame for free, cutting out its interior, and placing it in front of your camera before you take your photo, you'll have an instant (and free) frame for every photo you snap. To see how it works,



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Calimie Calimie 8 years
I think it's really hard to get right. Photoshop is better for that too. Besides, you could had a frame that fits the theme of the pic or the colour scheme.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
Yes. Completely ridiculous. And way more trouble than adding a frame in photoshop (or even Word) or through Shutterfly etc...
joygwilson joygwilson 8 years
i agree pinklizzie, and besides- how easy is it to add a frame in photoshop?!?!?!.....this portable frame is way too complicated.
PinkLizzie PinkLizzie 8 years
That's completely ridiculous, but still entertaining. It would be really difficult to get both the frame and the shot in focus at the same time.
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