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Coral and Tusk Home Decor

The Shop That Channels Your Inner Wes Anderson

If you ever wished you could live inside the set of the Fantastic Mr. Fox, please allow us to introduce you to Coral & Tusk. Although some might think the design studio's whimsical embroidered pillows, adorned with animals and feather motifs, are strictly the stuff of kids' rooms, we know better.

Founded in 2007 and based out of Brooklyn, Coral & Tusk is the brainchild of RISD educated textile designer Stephanie Housley. Her line of pillows, art, and linens embody her love of travel, nature, and — most of all — animals. "I didn't have siblings as a child so I quickly identified with animals and gave them personalities," says Stephanie. We are so glad that she did because now we have the opportunity to see foxes living in teepees and owls sporting feather headdresses. Click through to see some of our favorite home decor picks from Coral & Tusk.

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