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Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member Steen from the Assisted Living group:

When my husband and I bought our townhouse and started painting and decorating, I had great plans for my sliding doors. I hate verticals and envisioned sliding panels from Ikea or tieback curtains.

But then, in April, we brought home two kittens and while they have been relatively good with not destroying our furniture, they've shown a knack for climbing curtains. No amount of training has been effective; they are, after all, cats!

So my question is: are there any alternatives to shade my sliding doors or am I doomed to verticals forever?


See my ideas, and leave your suggestions after the jump.

After consulting with PetSugar about climbing cats, we came up with a few ideas to try to train (as much as cats can be trained) your cats to stay away from your curtains. PetSugar suggested using a bitter or citrus spray to deter the kitties from getting near the curtains. Another method would be to try putting aluminum foil underneath them, since cats dislike the crinkly sound. (Check out her advice, as well as PetSugar readers' comments, here.) Eventually, you'd be able to stop spraying the curtains or layering the aluminum foil (one would hope).

Another idea I had was using tension rods, which would fall down if the cats tried to climb on them. Again, one would hope that after the fourth or fifth (or twentieth?) time this happened, the cats would give up and leave your curtains to flutter in peace.

However, I'm a dog owner, not a cat owner, so I'm definitely not as well versed in these matters! Any cat owners out there willing to lend Steen a hand? Leave your comments below!

Have a decorating dilemma of your own? Be sure to post your questions in the Assisted Living group!

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Sylvia-Kinzie Sylvia-Kinzie 6 years
They will probably play in the vertical blinds too. I like the idea of sliding panels from Ikea. My cat hates the sound of spray bottles. If I want her to stop doing something I just squirt the spray (into the air as it is the sound she hates) and she runs from the room I don't know why?
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