How to Turn an Ikea Coffee Table Into the Bedroom Bench of Your Dreams

With this simple hack, Jess Blazejewski of Style Me Pretty Living shows us how to turn an inexpensive coffee table into a gorgeous luxe bench.

Style Me Pretty Living

This bench was actually repurposed from a $60 coffee table! We painted the legs gold, then wrapped a piece of velvet like fabric over a precut piece of foam using nothing more than a staple gun. Boom, done! I am a little in love with this project and feel like of all of our ideas, this one really feels the most luxe, the most high end.


Ikea coffee table

Gold spray paint

1 yard fabric

1 1/4 yards of 2″ thick, 24″ wide foam sheet





Staple gun

1/4″ staples

Costs and time: $100 per bench (plus some tools from around the house - scissors, pliers, staple gun)

1 1/2 hrs. per bench

Style Me Pretty Living


1. Use pliers to twist off the metal tabs on the bottom of the long table. Pull them straight up and straight down a few times and they should pop right off.

2. Spraypaint the frame of the table gold and let dry 1 hour.

3. Trace the composite board of the coffee table with the sharpie on the foam sheet. Cut out the foam sheet along the lines with a bread knife.

4. Cut the fabric to be 8″ wider and longer than the table base.

5. Layer the foam sheet, then fabric, on top of the base. Staple gun the fabric to the underside of the base to secure it. At corners, fold the fabric to make a nice seam and then staple.

6. Place the base on the top of the gold frame and your bench is ready to go!

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