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DIY LED Light Chandelier

DIY: Fairy Light Hanging Pendant

Here's a darling DIY project perfect for Fall entertaining, from eco designer Danny Seo. This project is featured in Danny's new book Upcycling.

One of the benefits of the green movement is that there are new technologies created that help our everyday lives be more efficient, safer, and sustainable. One of the best examples of this is the advent of LED — or Light Emitting Diodes — string lights that have replaced traditional incandescent bulb light strands. Instead of gobbling up tons of energy and burning out when one bulb expires or being a fire hazard, LED lights use a fraction of the energy. The bulbs don’t shatter; they can last up to twenty-five years; and the light source doesn’t get hot. If that wordy sentence just put you to sleep, let me CliffsNotes it for you: you can bundle these LED lights into giant balls of lights without the risk of it starting a fire.

Fairy Light Hanging Pendant

What you'll need:  two identical grapevine wreaths and LED holiday strings lights.

How to make it: You can upcycle LED holiday strings lights in lots of different ways, and the design will mostly depend on the number of lights you have on hand. To make this extra large pendant light that I have hanging here on my back porch, just take two identical grapevine wreaths and squeeze one of them inside the other one at a 90 degree angle. Wrap the lights around the wreaths; hang the wreaths; and plug in the cord to illuminate. An easier way is to wrap the lights onto themselves, wrapping and wrapping until the ball of lights gets to the size you prefer.


Thanks Danny! Want to see even more eco, upcyled decorating and entertaining projects? Then pick up Danny's new book Upcycling.

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