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DIY: Make Your Own Wall Stickers

Yesterday, I showed you a before and after of Pinupsweetheart's cool bedroom. If you were as wowed by the results as I was (seen here), then I have good news for you. Pinupsweetheart told us the short version of how to make this project, and now I've got the skinny on showing you the step-by-step process.

Here's What You'll Need

  • ConTact paper (a brand of low-tack, self-adhesive vinyl, commonly used by grandmas as "shelf liners," has a very matte finish)
  • Tape (preferably easily visible and low-stick, like painter's tape or masking tape)
  • Writing utensil (marker or pencil)
  • Scissors
  • Large sized scrap paper (like used newspapers or newsprint)
  • Plastic card, such as a library card
  • Idea for your design

To find out how to make your own wall stickers,


Here's how to do it, from Instructables:

  1. Take a segment of your ConTact paper, stick it firmly to a hidden wall, and peel it back up. Use a plastic card (like a library card) to press it firmly onto the surface. Also test that your tape can be removed easily.
  2. Draw a loose sketch of the area you want to work in, and draw a sketch of what you want your design to look like in the room. Doodle several designs to see what you like, until you have a final design you like. Use newsprint to make a stencil of your design.
  3. Trace the design pattern stencil onto the back of the ConTact Paper with marker. Cut the design from the ConTact Paper. It should cut very easily, and you can glide through it like gift wrap if you have good scissors.
  4. Hold your cut ConTact Paper up to the wall. At the base of the design, pull the first six inches or so up, and peel its backing off. Press gently from the center of the vinyl area outward to minimize bubbles, and use a hard piece of plastic (like a library card) to scrape against the vinyl, firmly pressing it to the wall. Move along the design, pulling the backing from behind a six-inch segment, scraping the segment down, then repeat to the end of the design.
  5. Use the newsprint to draw more of your design, repeating until you have the desired amount, and keep mounting them on your wall. After a while, you'll probably be adept enough to draw freehand on the ConTact paper backing.
  6. You're finished!
  7. Keep an eye on your design, and if any of it begins to peel, just scrape it back into place with your library card.
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