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DIY: Recycled Magazine Mobiles

If anyone thought the Frazier & Wing Recycled Magazine Mobiles we posted about were Crave Worthy, but didn't want to spend 200 bucks to get one, look no further. Still Dottie has come up with do-it-yourself directions for making your very own mobile from recycled magazine pages that certainly look as pretty as the originals. So, I thought I'd pass them along.

Here's what you need:

To learn the steps to this mobile-making process,

The first step to making your mobile is creating the individual pieces.

  1. Cut out a shape from your cardboard/cardstock to use as a template for the pieces. Still Dottie used an oval shape, but there's no reason why you can't use a square, diamond, circle, etc.
  2. Gather magazine pages and patterns that you like.
  3. Use the pattern to trace multiple shapes on your magazine pages for your cardstock template.
  4. Cut out your magazine pieces. Still Dottie cut 200-220, but you can cut less or more depending on the size mobile you'd like.
  5. Use Mod Podge to lightly coat the top (not the patterned, colored, pretty side) of your pieces & let them dry.
  6. needle nose pliers
  7. jewelry wire
  8. sewing needle
  9. clear beading thread
  10. crimp beads
  11. small beads

The second step is creating the top of the mobile, which you'll hang from the ceiling (or wherever you'll hang it from).

  1. Shape an 8" piece of the wire into a half circle.
  2. Create circle hooks at each end of the half circle.
  3. Cut a 10" piece of wire, find the center and twist off a circle that will act as main hook of the mobile.
  4. Shape this piece like the other (a half circle with circle hooks at the feet).
  5. Wrap the second piece of wire around the first (create an x with the half circles pointing down.

You should now have a 4 branch topper to your mobile that can hang from a hook and has a spot for 4 strands of your magazine pieces to hang.

The third step is threading your magazine pieces.

  1. Cut a 4 foot piece of the beading thread. It may be longer or shorter depending on your own preference.
  2. Use a crimp bead and small bead to create a catch at the end of the string.
  3. Thread the clear beading thread through the sewing needle.
  4. Continue to thread the crimp bead, magazine piece, crimp bead, oval until you have used about a fourth of your supplies. It's important to remember that you want the best looking side of your oval facing the catch.
  5. Finish the line by creating an overhand knot.
  6. Repeat these steps three more times so that you have 4 strands of ovals.

The fourth and final step is attaching the strands to the topper and hanging your mobile.

  1. Place each strand's hoop through the circle hooks (feet) you created on the topper.
  2. Hang your mobile by hooking it to a ceiling hook. Voilà!
  3. Click here to read Still Dottie's directions.

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