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DIY Rope Lampshade

See How We Gave This Ikea Lampshade a Nautical Twist!

As part of our Styled by You $500 Giveaway with IKEA, Elka Karl and I have been thinking of ways to punch up basic Ikea products. You may have seen how I added block-printed ikat polka dots to this Asele lampshade ($15). Well, now I'm revisiting the same shade with an entirely different approach. Armed with some thin manila rope, a glue gun, and a Bran table lamp base ($20), I set out to create a nautical-inspired lamp with a modern twist.

Keep reading to discover how easy it was to create my rope lampshade!

For this project, I opted for 3/8-inch manila rope, which you can get at Home Depot and most hardware stores. Next, just grab a glue gun and begin wrapping the rope from the bottom to the top, starting at the seam. I squeezed about an inch of the hot glue directly onto the lampshade and repeated every few inches, pressing down firmly to ensure that the rope was sticking. When the rope you're gluing finally meets the tail end of the rope you've started, don't worry about having to start the second layer slightly higher. You won't really be able to tell because of how textural the end result is.

Be sure to press the layers of rope together so that you can't see any of the white lampshade peeking through. When you're almost to the top, just try and line it up at the seam, and snip off the excess rope.


I especially love how the warmth and visual weight of the textural rope contrasts with the light and modern look of the Bran Clear Glass Table Lamp Base. Can't you just picture it in a room with pale blue walls? If you're feeling inspired, then get started on your own Ikea projects by entering our contest!

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