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DIY: SwissMiss Alpenglow Votive

What a great holiday project! Since many of us are hosting holiday parties this season, pretty votive holders are a must-have for table settings or festive mantels. So, I was thrilled to find this project from SwissMiss. Alpenglow is defined as the reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains, and when this project is lit up, it certainly resembles that!

What You'll Need

  • SwissMiss alpenglow PDF
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto knife
  • Ruler
  • Tealight

To find out how to make it,


Here's how to do it, from SwissMiss:

  1. Download and print swissmiss_alpenglow.pdf
  2. Using your Exacto knife, carefully cut out elements on page two.
  3. Assemble as indicated. Put tealight behind alps. Sit back and enjoy your Swiss alpenglow!


Join The Conversation
krichard krichard 8 years
This was inspiring! I teach a group of 1st-3rd graders at my church on Wed. nights. I am going to alter this a bit to create a skyline of Bethlehem for the kids to cut out and present to their families for a table centerpiece for the Epiphany. I bought some of those very small battery-operated tea lights to use with this, so the kids will be able to experience the glow before they take them home.
HUnter2667 HUnter2667 8 years
I realize this is probably a dumb question, but what city is this meant to be?
Asche Asche 8 years
This is INCREDIBLY tedious but really cute when finished (especially because I live in the alps!). But here is an important tip: DO NOT use heavy stock like I did. I wasn't thinking about transparency and used a card stock. The mountain illuminates, but nothing else. You are better off using a mid-weight paper.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Wow, this is a great project. I don't think I could actually do this even with the instructions.
Witchy-Ways Witchy-Ways 8 years
Oh Alpenglow, there's no better background for any home. Not the beach, not a forest, it's mountains. I'm forever grateful to have that.
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