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The Flower Recipe Book: Cook Up Beautiful Arrangements Like a Pro

Think of it as the floral arranging class you've always wanted to take — only now, it's in the form of a jaw-dropping coffee-table tome: The Flower Recipe Book ($25). Perfect for everyone from the DIY bride (yep, just in time for wedding season!) to the avid farmers market flower forager, this new book makes artful arrangements look doable — even for amateurs.

Created by highly sought-after floral designers Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo of Studio Choo, the book includes step-by-step tutorials for creating arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and garlands categorized by season and formality. Breathtaking visuals aside, sections like the tool box stock list, vessel guide, techniques tutorial, and helpful hints section are the meatier portions you'll want to curl up with and study.

We're tempted to gather a group of girlfriends together for a spin on the traditional book club (think seasonal floral arranging instead of literary discussions). Fun, right? For just a taste of what this book has to offer, keep reading to discover how easy it is to create this purple and yellow anemone stunner.


Get the step-by-step instructions for the arrangement here!

Anemone Recipe 3: Special Occasion

3 citrus branches
3 stems amaranthus
5 stems green privet berry
2 stems black-eyed Susan
3 stems foxglove
8 stems anemone
5 stems ranunculus
5 stems scabiosa

Mercury glass footed bowl

  1. Use floral putty to affix a large flower frog to the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Start by trimming and placing the citrus branches in the bowl, letting the fruit rest at the rim. Remove and reserve a few citrus fruits to add later.
  3. Trim and add the hanging amaranthus so that it drapes down over the rim between the citrus branches.
  4. Trim and place the stems of privet in the bowl so that the lowest leaves sit at the rim, slightly behind the citrus and amaranthus. The tips of the berries will be at different heights.
  5. Skewer and place the additional pieces of citrus in the center of the composition, a few inches above rim level.
  6. Trim and nestle the black-eyed Susan stems between the citrus fruit at the center and on the right side.
  7. Trim the foxglove stems so that the tips arc above the rest of the flowers, and add them to the right side of the arrangement.
  8. Trim and place the stems of anemone and ranunculus next, filling the space between the foxgloves and the rest of the flowers. Taller stems of anemone should somewhat balance the foxgloves on the opposite side of the bowl. Turn the stems so that the faces of the blooms angle up and out.
  9. Finish with the stems of scabiosa, trimmed, filling in empty spaces with this dark element to echo the centers of the anemone.
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