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A White Painted Lion's Head For Less

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member drlenz08 from the Su Casa group:

You can call me crazy but I have been completely obsessed with the all white animal heads on the wall similar to the ones at Z Gallerie. Now, I know that this is not everyone's cup of tea, and according to my interior designer friend, I have an eclectic sense of style. I just love the rhinos in this room both on the wall and on the coffee table!

Now as much as I love these crazy animals I really do not love the price! Seriously Z Gallerie, you want me to pay close to $200 for an animal head? I don't think so. I am not that insane!

So I have been searching high and low for an alternative way of doing this. I looked at some second-hand stores, Goodwill, and even HomeGoods for what felt like months in search of something similar. Then I hit the jackpot about two to three weeks ago at my local HomeGoods.


To learn how she DIY'd a pricey lion's head for much, much less, keep reading!

This huge lion's head was sitting in the clearance section just waiting for me to swoop it up. I don't think anyone else had the same thing in mind, and it was seriously just meant for me. Not to mention, it was so fitting since my husband and I were married at the Houston Zoo, and after we said our vows, the lion in the zoo roared. So to me it also has symbolism. This monstrous thing was huge and heavy but it only cost me $12! Yes, you read that right: $12! It totally made my day even though I received many strange looks as I was walking around the store with this ugly lion's head in my arms. Priceless!

When I brought this thing home, I must admit, I hid it from the hubby for a few days. I had no idea what he would think of this thing and my crazy idea, and since he actually likes to have a say in our house décor I was really afraid he would reject my idea. To my surprise a few days later after showing him the lion and a few pictures of what could be the end result, he was all for it. He was even trying to figure out where we could put it so that everyone would see it! This is just one of the many reasons I love him!

So the next morning I went to Home Depot to get spray paint. I completely covered this thing! There were so many crevasses to make sure that I got all the paint on. It took about three or four coats to completely get it all covered. I let it sit for three days to make sure it was completely dry. I really didn't want any white paint on my walls.

The hubby and I decided that the front room that we are in the process of transitioning would be the perfect location for this new fella. It was meant to be for that spot and really makes a statement! I love it! He is King of the Jungle! So here are the final results:

All-in-all I spent $18 on this project! Much more practical for my budget than $200. Just takes a little patience, determination, and a vision to see beyond the imagination.

You can see more stuff at my blog here.

Have you been doing any projects lately? Be sure to share your photos and steps in the Su Casa group!

mslewis mslewis 6 years
Personally, I think those animal heads on the wall are ridiculous!! And I have thought that from the first day I saw one in a shelter magazine. And for people to pay all that money for those things . . . what suckers!! If they aren't out of style now, they will be soon. Having said that . . . I think you did the right thing in making your own because $18 is not like $200 and you won't feel the least bit upset when you throw that monstrosity in the trash where it belongs!!
lauren lauren 6 years
What a cool idea! I was just admiring the ones that CasaSugar posted and might have to take your tips to make my own! BTW, I love that you and your husband were married at the zoo what a fun idea!
mrsld mrsld 6 years
LOL! I looked like something from the Wizard of Oz before you painted it. I probably would have laughed at you had I watched you walk through Home Goods. I think the white makes it OK though. I ALMOST like it! Nice job, Excellent DIY Bargain.
retroinAL retroinAL 6 years
I have to admit, that was one crazy looking lion, before your upcycle. Now? Absolutely fabulous! Great way to decorate within your budget!
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